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Whitewater Historical Society Museum Collections
Historical Presentation by Carol Cartwright


The Whitewater Historical Society is a member organization with a nine-member Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors directs the operation of the Depot Museum of Local History and approves plans for the exhibits and other activities in the museum.  The Board also appoints the museum’s volunteer curator.  The museum curator organizes volunteers at the museum, directs the accessioning and storage of historical items, and oversees exhibit installation.


The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss museum and society business.  The Board also plans the society’s public meetings, which offer local history programs and speakers. The society holds an Annual Meeting in May that consists of both a local history program and a business meeting, at which the membership elects the members of the Board of Directors. 


Directors are voted into office in a staggered manner.  Three directors serve two-year terms; however, two directors serve three-year terms.  Officers also serve staggered terms.  Terms begin immediately after directors are elected at the Annual Meeting in May. 

Whitewater Historical Society Train Depot Exterior



Carol Lohry Cartwright | 2022-2024


Jan Goder | 2023-2025


Gregg Gauger | 2023-2025


Linda Robinson | 2022-2024

Directors (3-year terms)
Karen Weston | 2021-2024
Dan Richardson | 2023-2026

Directors (2-year terms)

Bobby Landsee | 2023-2025

Kori Oberle | 2023-2025

Don West |2023-2024

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